Program Description:   The presentation will assume no deep understanding of machine learning, instead focusing on what machine learning can do today by showcasing applications and providing insight into interesting future directions. Time will be provided after the talk to discuss more in-depth technical topics and projects of interest to the audience.

Speaker:  Alfonso Limon ~ ONEIRIX LABS

About this Speaker:  Alfonso Limon holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, M.S. in Mathematics, Ph.D. in Computational Science and taught at both Harvey Mudd and Pomona Colleges. Dr. Limon served as Director of Research at Intersection Medical whose mission was to create a prototype device to manage congestive heart failure using predictive analytics based on physics-based models and coupled with machine learning techniques. In 2016, Alfonso joined Oneirix Labs as Chief Liaison of R&D, where he provides expertise and consults with clients to optimize essential features of company operations, designs and future innovations using modern analytic techniques.

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