Program Description:   Smart factories and increased automation are one solution for manufacturers that need to drive their innovations faster - not just to keep ahead of competitors, but also to keep pace with customer demands. Cyber-physical revolution is not specifically about technology but about redefining business strategy and culture. This talk attempts to paint a holistic picture about the cyber-physical transformation and how the small to mid-size manufacturers can reap its benefits.

Speaker:  Shekhar Chandrashekhar, Phd, Pmp ~ CMTC

About this Speaker:  Shekhar Chandrashekhar is a forward thinking leader, strategist, and innovator with a history of driving process, system, and product improvements that streamline operations and increase profitability on a global scale. His background in business and technology leadership, and deep knowledge and advanced training in engineering management, have provided him with a unique talent-the ability to transform organizations and influence company and product positioning.

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