Program Description:   DfX, or "Design for Excellence", is a major concept that presupposes that aspects such as producibility, testability and/or overall cost structure are included early in the product's development phase.

For small and medium-sized companies with products whose manufacture is placed out with partners, problems arise as they do not themselves normally possess the required expertise as regards production. The key to success is co-operation. This article provides suggestions for how a joint project should be structured and planned. There is a brief presentation of a method that guarantees that all parts of the product will be taken into consideration.

In recent years, those of us who regularly read the electronic press have become used to seeing abbreviations along the lines of "DfM", "DfA" and "DfT". There has been an abundance of more or less creative abbreviations of this type. They stand for various "Design for " activities, such as "Design for Manufacturing" and "Design for Assembly". The fact that they have started to turn up so frequently in the press is a symptom of how important it has become to take production aspects into consideration early in the product's development stage in order to keep down overall costs.

With the short market windows we are now witnessing on the global electronics market, it is extremely important for the product to be correct from the outset. This fact, along with the short "time to market", places demands for an efficient product development process. The question we are faced with is how to incorporate these aspects successfully into the projects. The difficulty is often that the knowledge is possessed by individuals other than those who are normally based in the R&D department of a small or medium-sized product owner company, where production is performed by an external contract manufacturer. The answer is co-operation.

Speaker:  William Webb & Brian Crisp ~ ASTER

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