Program Description:   In our presentation, we highlight how to use small test fixtures for functional testing of printed circuit boards. Usually the test system is located outside the test apparatus but we have found a way to integrate MTM - manufacturing test modules right into the fixture. This essentially creates a miniature stand-alone tester for small board testing which can be used in the production line or test lab or anywhere in between. In a live-demo we highlight the mechanical functionalities of the fixture as well as the test system components.

Speaker:  Matthias Zapatka, Lance Davies ~ INGUN USA, INC. / ACRONAME

About this Speaker:  Lance is the director of sales at Acroname, Matthias is the CTO of INGUN USA Inc. Both Matthias and Lance a unique combination of engineering & sales, with passion for the technical functionality of their products with big zeal to "evangelize" and promote outstanding testing solutions.

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